November 23, 2021

‘Continuing To Be Curious’: Peabody Assisted Living Community Celebrates 5 Residents Over Age 100

Read the original story, and watch the video segment, by Rachel Holt on WBZ CBS Boston.

PEABODY (CBS) – A milestone to be celebrated. Harriet and Ralph Kaplan Estates Assisted Living in Peabody throwing a party for five residents over the age of 100.

Ellen Gordon, Director of Resident Life, said, “honestly every day is remarkable with them. They are a delight. Wonderful to talk to, they’re participatory. And we just felt that we needed to celebrate their longevity and give them a special day.”

The oldest of the crew, Rose Regis, turning 107 next week. Others in the group include 100-year-old Thelma Taylor, and Marty Lawson, Kay Morrocco, and Leon Ditchek, all 101-years-old.

The group was joined by other residents and staff for the gathering Monday afternoon. There was food, a cake, a champagne toast and live music.

The million-dollar question: what’s their secret?

“Why am I this old? I think it’s in the genes, I think. My mother lived to be 94 and her mother did also. So, I really didn’t expect to go beyond 94 but I am happy that I did,” said Morrocco.

“There’s no secret believe it or not. Just dumb luck,” said Ditchek.

The five residents have a nickname in the community- The Century Club- and all of them are living independently in their own apartments.

“I actually see a common thread with all of them. And that is staying connected with the world. Participating. Continuing to be curious. So there are lots of things we learn from their wisdom on how to live a good life, and a happy life,” said Gordon.

“I thank God every day because I am feeling well and my mind is still good so as long as he doesn’t want me up there or down there I want to be around here for a while,” said Morrocco.