August 13, 2021

CJL in the Revere Advocate – Cohen Florence Levine Estates hosts Judy’s Jewels Flea Market for assisted living residents, families and friends

Click here to view in the Revere Advocate.

To perk up the summer season, Cohen Florence Levine Estates staff teamed up with “Judy’s Jewels” to orchestrate a lively flea market in the assisted living residence. Long-time volunteer and special friend Judy Weiss curated a wonderful assortment of gently used clothing and accessories, including stylish coats, dresses, sweaters, handbags, scarves and colorful costume jewelry. The Judy’s Jewels Sale, held on July 28th, raised over $800; all proceeds from the sale went directly to Cohen, Florence, Levine Estates Assisted Living, which is operated by nonprofit Chelsea Jewish Lifecare.

“We are so grateful to Judy Weiss for creating such a fun day for our residents, our families and our friends in the community,” said Kristen Donnelly, Executive Director of Cohen, Florence, Levine Estates. “There was an eclectic mix of merchandise, with some truly amazing finds. In addition, our residents loved having access to a day of shopping right in their lobby.”

Judy Weiss, a longtime resident of Revere, has volunteered at the assisted living for the last five years. “I really enjoy working with the residents and the staff, “commented Judy. “They are a terrific group of individuals. Clearly, the residents relished searching for some wonderful bargains.”

The event was so popular that the residents are already asking about holding another flea market next year. It looks like Judy’s Jewels is slated to be an annual event at the assisted living residence!