March 21, 2013

Chelsea Jewish Lifecare Prepares for Passover

By Journal Staff | JEWISH JOURNAL, March 21, 2013
CHELSEA — The Sunday before Passover will be a busy day for the Chelsea Jewish Lifecare, with a total of 12 strictly kosher kitchens to make kosher for Passover.
First, they have to clear out all the existing dishes, prepare the counters and insides of the cabinets, and then pull out all the tubs of Passover dishes, dairy and meat. They have special procedures for the large appliances, like the ovens and refrigerators, and change over the small appliances, such as food processors and blenders. “We use paper plates and have a cold supper the night before the transition. That’s the way we have to do it,” said Gilda Richman, president of the Chelsea Jewish Lifecare, who advises the food services managers.
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