July 8, 2024

Brudnick Center for Living Resident and WWII Hero Saul Gorman Celebrates 101st Birthday

Saul Gurman Birthday Party

Saul Gurman, a resident of the Jeffrey and Susan Brudnick Center for Living, turned 101 on June 27. Gurman is one of the last known survivors of the Rohna warship which was sunk in 1943 during WWII. To this day, the incident remains the greatest loss of life at sea in the history of the US. Over 1000 American soldiers lost their lives. Saul Gorman was sworn to secrecy for 50 years about this terrifying time, but now is able to discuss it. His memory and attention to detail is uncanny. Saul celebrated the day with family, friends, Brudnick Center staff and residents. Amidst cake, ice cream and festive decorations, Saul chatted with guests, remarking, “I can’t get over how well I feel!”

A lifelong resident of the North Shore, Saul lived in the same house in Beverly for 66 years. Saul arrived in the United States on January 1, 1946, after traveling up the Henry Hudson River in five degrees weather from Karachi. He grew up in Chelsea, where he returned after the war and married his high school sweetheart, Eva. The couple raised two sons and a daughter in Beverly and remained together until Eva’s passing in 2012 at age 88. Paul, who was awarded the Purple Heart during WWII, is still an active member of the HMT Rohna Memorial Association.

Saul’s son Bob Gurman noted that his family has a longstanding relationship with the Brudnick Center. “My mom and my sister Debra were both at the Brudnick Center. With my dad now a resident, I can see, firsthand, the importance of the interaction between staff and residents. Brudnick provides wonderful care for the people we love.”

At the Brudnick Center, Saul is active and engaged. Staff and residents enjoy hearing Saul’s WWII stories as well as listening to his take on current events. “Saul is a joy to be around,” said Tammy Starion, Executive Director of the Brudnick Center for Living. “He lights up a room with his smile and zest for living.”