March 3, 2021

Brudnick Center for Living Family Feedback

One of top priorities throughout the pandemic has been to keep our residents engaged – and happy. Although the state guidelines required us to keep our residents apart, our team worked hard to create activities that unified us and provided a sense of cohesiveness. Families have been able to see their loved one through FaceTime and Zoom as well as limited outdoor visits. Admittedly, it’s been a period of adjustment, but our residents and families are the very best!

Take a look at what our families are saying about life at Brudnick Center for Living:

“I love the atmosphere and can discern that my mother is very comfortable with the nursing assistants.”

“Since it was my first visit Judy was very helpful. Answered all my questions so I can better prepared the next time”

“I am very pleased overall with the Director and staff.”

“I like that the people who work within the social activities are so helpful to promote a happy interaction. Thank you, Ellen and Erica, so much!”

“I liked that the call was from her bedroom and that Erica showed me how nice her new room is. She moved to the new location last May, but I haven’t been able to visit her there”

“Judy not only facilitated the call but was courteous enough to show us the layout of our Mom’s room via the video, so we could assess if she could use a recliner or storage cubbies. As always, so helpful, professional, and going above and beyond! Thank you!“

“It allows us to stay connected to our mother and each other during these difficult times.”

“I liked seeing my mom without a mask on during video call.”