August 11, 2022

Behind the Scenes on the Peabody Campus

Introducing Kappy Girls at Kaplan Estates! This is a new group of knitters, crocheters, and basically all individuals who just want to have a good time together. No prior experience required! The women are planning to make headbands, blankets, and scarves to donate to children at Citizens Inn, a homeless shelter for mothers and their children. Started by Kaplan Estates residents Florence Scribner and Christine Cora, the group is growing quickly. New members are welcome.

Beloved concert maestro Jimmy Honohan had the honor of being the first entertainer to perform back in the renovated great room at Budnick Center. The floors look amazing. Jimmy, you made everyone’s day by performing a medley of songs that inspired the residents to clap, dance and sing.

Our “garden” party on the 4th floor of the Brudnick Center was a huge success. When the weather’s too hot, as was the case in early August, we bring the “outdoors in” with our giant flower garden. Music, costumes, and refreshments made the day extra special.

This summer, our memory care residents are enjoying a variety of gardening activities. They take care of the vegetable garden, flowers and birdfeeder. Being outside and surrounded by nature is very beneficial, according to Susan LeClaire, Therapeutic Activities Director of the Dementia Special Care Unit.

Each month, we hold “International Festivals” focusing on honoring the ancestries of our residents. For June studied Ukraine; in July we highlighted France: we are concentrating on Poland for August. To reinforce the overall theme, we decorate the room in the country’s traditional colors. Additionally, we serve regional cuisine, play ethnic music, and discuss the culture in depth. Both short videos as well as printed booklets showcase interesting facts about each country. It’s like visiting a new country every month!