January 10, 2022

Behind the Scenes at Katzman Family Center for Living

Our residents have been troopers as we continue to remain vigilant due to the Omicron surge. Their spirit, resilience and humor inspire us every day. Residents and staff welcomed the New Year in together as evidenced in the photos of Marie DiCicchio, Selima Benamar and Sharon Levine. They eagerly awaited the midnight hour and the beginning of 2022.

At KCL, residents celebrate the special moments in each other’s life. For example, Virginia Adriani was absolutely thrilled when her granddaughter was chosen from the audience while attending the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She even got to dance with Ellen! Residents and staff were excited to watch the show the day the segment aired. It was an exciting afternoon for all.

With the New Year comes the traditional New Year’s resolutions. Diane Flynn commented that her New Year’s resolution is one she has made before but is determined to keep this year! Diane vowed to stop picking on her 70 year old brother Kenny. She laughingly mentioned that she’s been making this same resolution every year since they were  kids, but still hasn’t been able to keep it. Most likely, Kenny would be disappointed if she did! And Joan Polsanetti  (pictured in a reindeer head piece) announced that her New Year’s resolution is to “always look on the bright side of things.” Great advice for us all. Bernice Berman, at the age of 101, rang in the New Year with her contagious and winning smile.

Watercolor painting on our Dementia Special Care Unit (DSCU) is a popular activity. CNA Maggie Severe and housekeeper Carlos Matute enjoy engaging with residents during the painting sessions. One of the goals of the DSCU program is to engage the residents and form bonds between the staff members and our residents who are living with dementia. The residents are able to express themselves through their art. It’s also a way to create lasting relationships. Additionally, the staff makes every effort to welcome new residents and make them feel at home. Ruth, who recently moved into KCL, thoroughly enjoyed the flower arranging class, playfully putting on sunglasses as she created a beautiful arrangement.

Lastly, December 22nd was a special milestone in Ruth Finklestein’s life. Ruth celebrated her 100th birthday, surrounded by her adoring family. Happy Birthday Ruth!