August 12, 2022

Behind the Scenes at Katzman Family Center for Living

It’s a fun and busy summer at Katzman Center. Residents are enjoying gardening activities in the courtyard. Two highlights: an herb  garden bed filled with tomatoes, basil, peppers, and oregano; and a flower bed chock full of brightly colored flowers. It’s the very essence of summer.

It’s gratifying to see how our residents eagerly participate in the planting and caring of the flowers, herbs, and vegetables. They particularly like digging in the ground and getting their hands dirty. We have some very talented gardeners!

Our recent trip to Kittery Maine was a huge success. We toured the scenic coastlines, stopping by Nubble Lighthouse before indulging in a delicious seafood lunch at the Warrens Lobster House. What could be more appropriate on a beautiful summer day in Maine?

Kadee, our special arts therapist, works with residents in our highly acclaimed Memory Care Kaleidoscope program. Her projects focus on expressive art therapy, which enables our residents to freely express themselves through art.

Both residents and staff love having children visit our campus. Their energy is contagious! Recently the kids from Camp Yaneh, a Jewish summer camp, stopped by to meet with residents on a one-to-basis. Not sure who enjoyed the visit more –the kids or the adults!