June 14, 2022

Behind the Scenes at Cohen Florence Levine Estates and Florence and Chafetz

Memorial Day was a special time for residents and staff. Both outdoor and indoor activities were held, along with arts and craft projects, dancing and a festive barbecue.

Residents and staff are very much looking forward to the 2022 Summer Concert Series! The first concert at CFLE featured lively music with Ray Caviccho and Sharon Zee. Residents were singing, dancing and clapping to the tunes. Residents at Florence & Chafetz very much enjoyed a live performance by live performance by Elaine Crattos Jacobs. It’s so nice to be outside listening to the musical concerts.

On the menu at our bakery are a delicious array of summertime goodies. Residents love playing bingo, working on arts and crafts projects and shouting out answers in trivia game. It’s a very competitive group! Many residents savor treats outside while sitting on the beautiful new outdoor furniture at CFLE.

June has been a great month for outings and our residents loved their meals at Longhorn Steak House, Antonias and Jimmy’s Steer House. Great food and wonderful company made the trips a huge success.

Both assisted living residences are busy with a wide range of activities. Among the most popular: bingo, arts and crafts, and trivia games. It’s a very competitive group!