May 4, 2016

Active and Healthy Lifestyle Key to Productivity

By Rosalie Stone, Payroll Director, Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Payroll is the largest expense of our entire organization. With over 1000 employees company-wide, 700 of which I am responsible for managing payroll for in Chelsea, you can imagine the enormous responsibility of maintaining accurate payroll data and ensuring every employee gets paid on time.

One of the newest benefits for our employees is access to their own personal ADP account to view their timecard and retrieve copies of paychecks and W2’s. This enables our staff to be proactive in managing their finances and tax documents. At the Chelsea Jewish Lifecare, we strive to support each and every employee.
As you can imagine, juggling the many different pieces of the payroll process is not easy! However, I have learned over time that it is easier to manage when I am also actively working to maintain my own personal healthy lifestyle.

Here’s why…
There are many different body systems that work together in sync to ensure proper total body functioning.  The same concept applies to an organization like CJF where data is collected from many sources in order to compile a comprehensive payroll file. As long as we maintain communication among the different sources, and the sources continue to work harmoniously towards a common goal, we will be successful.

To this end, I find it very important to lead a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. As Payroll Director, my individual health not only affects my productivity, but it also impacts the overall productivity of the team. So how do I help increase my productivity? Outside of the hectic payroll cycle, my goals are to exercise, eat well and sleep at least eight hours every night.
During the summer time, I love to kayak, bike ride and walk my dog. In the winter time, I cross country ski and snow shoe from my backyard to the neighboring golf course. Outdoor activities have a tremendous impact on my mood and mindset, both in and outside of work.

I also love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and try to avoid fried or fatty foods. I love to cook, especially with the produce that I grow in my own garden every summer and I’m always looking for healthy recipes. For me, eating healthy not only improves body functioning, but also promotes brain functioning. At work, I am surrounded by a team of talented professionals who contribute in very different ways. The one constant is that by taking care of our individual selves, we are able to function much more effectively as a team.