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Our Safe Clean Care Commitment   Staff Vaccination Requirement   Family Letter, December 31

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Dear Residents and Families,

Over the buy levitra in costa rica past month we have seen infection rates rapidly rise across the state. The speed of transmission and total number of cases bring back memories order propecia online of the dark days of March and April of 2020. But this levitra drugs for sale online is not then. Owing largely to vaccines and boosters, infections are generally milder. Concerns around PPE, testing capacity, and general knowledge of the disease, things that occupied so much of our mental energy at the beginning of the pandemic, are non-factors. The only real parallel is with challenges related to staff being out due to infection, but even here we generic cialis buy online are better positioned than we were 22 months ago. In all areas we are much levitra priese better prepared for this wave.

The next several weeks are going to be incredibly challenging, but in a month or two, things could be looking very different. Together, we’re going to get through this surge and find ourselves on the other end well positioned to do great things in 2022!


Adam Berman
President & CEO
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare