An icon of Jewish religious tradition, the Tree of Life” (or “etz chayim” in Hebrew) is often associated with life, wisdom and sustenance. To that end, the tree of life symbolizes mankind’s shared existence, with its intricate branches and leaves representing our natural relation not only to the world around us, but also to one another.

At Chelsea Jewish Lifecare, we believe that individual health and well-being blossoms when people come together to enrich the lives of those in need. For us, it is our staff, residents, family members, friends, volunteers and businesses who contribute to our mission and who dedicate their time to our cause. They continuously inspire us with their creativity and their wisdom. As an organization, we thrive and prosper like the tree of life because we are firmly rooted in our mission and supported by the strength of our branches.

This powerful premise is why the Chelsea Jewish Lifecare’s logo features a tree, and in the center, the symbol for “chai” — which means “life.” We sincerely believe in promoting and enhancing the lives of those we serve. In doing so, we help strengthen individuals and communities with improved health and continued growth.