Imagine never leaving your room, never having a shower, never going outdoors. Most people on ventilators are confined to one room – one bed – for months at a time. At the award-wining Leonard Florence Center for Living, operated by non-profit Chelsea Jewish Lifecare, a revolutionary new ventilator program changes this picture dramatically. Residents live independently in a “real” home setting, receive exceptional skilled nursing and compassionate care, and are treated with dignity and respect.

The Leonard Florence Center for Living operates the only Green House ventilator program in the country. Offering state-of-the art portable ventilators in a Green House model of care, our short-term and long-term specialized care residents have access to a totally new way of living. As part of the Life on a Vent program, we have invested in technologically advanced ventilators. The unified respiratory system makes it easy to switch and customize therapies, creating one easy-to-manage system. Most importantly, these ventilators offer greater mobility, enhancing the quality of life for our residents.

Twenty spacious
private rooms with accessible
bathroom and shower.

Living a productive
life on a ventilator in a
Green House setting is truly
a ground-breaking concept.

In fact, it has changed the lives of many our residents.

Tony Epifani

Tony, a world class soccer player, moved into the Center in 2016 and has been living on a ventilator. Today he is an active and vibrant member of the Leonard Florence family.

“Words cannot express how this facility has not only changed the life of my brother but for my family as well. Your commitment and dedication to transform quality health care has changed history forever.”

– Lisa Costanzo, Tony’s sister

Patrick O’Brien

Patrick has lived at the Leonard Florence Center on a ventilator since 2010. During that time he directed and produced an extraordinary documentary. Transfatty Lives won the Audience Award at the Tribeca and Milano Film Festivals. Prior to living at the Center, Patrick was in a nursing home that did not have the staff or capabilities for Patrick to ever get out of bed.

“As soon as I arrived at the Leonard Florence Center for Living, I was shown respect, care and love. I had none of these things when I lived at prior facilities. Now I’m able to take trips, go to shows and sporting events. I even went sailing this summer. Whether I’m in my room, chilling in the living room with other pALS or on an outing, LFCL truly enables me to live as best as I possibly can, despite the things this devastating disease has taken away.”

– Quote from Patrick

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