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Long-Term Care Leonard Florence Center for Living Chelsea FAQ

How does the staffing at the Leonard Florence Center compare to a traditional nursing home?

We offer a skilled clinical team like many other traditional nursing homes that includes nurses, therapists, social workers and dieticians. Organizationally, however, there are differences with regards to the duties and roles each of our staff engage in. For example, universal caregivers known as the shahbazim, perform housekeeping, laundry and cooking tasks as well as provide care to elders. The shahbazim are expected to become a part of each household, interacting with residents as they would as extended family.

What does being the first urban model Green House® in the country mean?

Until now, Green Houses have been developed as free-standing buildings on rural or suburban sites affiliated with traditional skilled nursing facilities, but LFCL takes the Green House® concept to a city setting for the first time within a single 93,000-square-foot building.

What are some of the differences between the GreenHouse® model and a traditional nursing home?

Each home features its own kitchen and open dining space for the ten residents within the home. Meals are made-to-order and menus are designed collaboratively with residents and staff. Each room features a spacious bedroom, private bath and shower. Amenities include state-of the-art therapy rooms, spa, café and bakery, kosher deli and outside patios. It is radically different from the traditional nursing home concept.

Are there licensed nurses to care for the residents?

Our licensed nurses are part of a clinical team that provides skilled care 24 hours per day. Typically, there is one licensed nurse to support two of our Green House® homes. The nurses visit residents to administer medications, perform treatments and document medical information.


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