Message from Kae Santos, Regional President, Chelsea

November 14, 2022

Dear Residents and Families,

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the holidays fast approaching, now is a great time to reflect and express gratitude.

In honor of Veterans Day, I offer a heartfelt thank you to our staff, families and residents who served in the armed forces. We truly appreciate your courage and dedication to this country. We are grateful for the sacrifices you and your families have made to protect the freedoms we enjoy every day.

To our residents and families, I thank you for the trust you have in us to care for you and your loved ones. We never forget that you are the heart of everything we do, and it’s truly an honor that you have chosen to call our residences home.

Finally, to our staff, thank you for your dedication and tireless efforts to deliver exceptional care and service to our residents. You are an inspiration, and your efforts are a main reason why residents love living in our residences.

I encourage you to give thanks as well. If there is someone on our team who has made an impact on you and your loved one, please let us know. I believe in the power that every thank you and message of appreciation has on our lives, so let’s all work together to spread messages of thanksgiving.

It is because of all of you that our residences are wonderful places to live and work. Every day I am reminded of how lucky I am to be surrounded by such exceptional people, and I am always grateful for all you do.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!

All the best,


Kae Santos
Regional President, Chelsea
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Innovative Memory Care Activities Implemented on Chelsea Jewish Lifecare Campuses

November 3, 2022

More than 6.2 million Americans are living with some form of memory loss. As November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, it’s a good time to explore how we support our memory care residents. We have, in fact, implemented the Dementia Special Care Unit (DSCU) on our Peabody and Chelsea campuses, focusing on new tools and strategies for residents with dementia. The results have been significant.

Essentially, the DSCU provides specialized programming and therapeutic activities with a trained, dedicated staff. The unit was started because so many of our residents are living with dementia. Through the use of innovative technology such as the ABBY and the IN2L, along with staff members who have been trained and certified in the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care, our programming has expanded with great success.

Susan LeClaire, Therapeutic Activities Director of the Dementia Special Care Unit in Peabody and Chelsea is passionate about her work in the DSCU. When asked why she went into memory care, she was quick to respond, “My role in rehabilitation as a provider of occupational therapy (OT) to our seniors was the perfect segue into my position here,” remarked Susan. “OT focuses upon activities to help patients regain independence and get back to doing what they love after an illness, injury, or surgery. Similarly, the use of personalized multi-sensory activities can help our residents living with dementia retain the skills they have and maintain as much independence as possible.” Added Susan, “It’s so rewarding to see our residents enjoying themselves while engaged in productive, purposeful activities.”

The ABBY is a unique engagement technology that looks like a large retro TV/radio, complete with knobs to turn, buttons to press, a steering wheel mounted under the screen and a life-like cat with soft fur to pet. This device supports our residents when agitated. They can pet the cat which activates a video of an adorable frisky kitty engaged in tug of war with a bed sheet at the end of which is a giggling toddler. With the help of families, the ABBY can be personalized with videos and photos important to a particular resident. Our staff can easily access the content to provide a personalized engagement experience for the resident.

Additionally, staff utilize the IN2L, which is a huge 75” touchscreen computer on wheels pre-loaded with stimulating content to engage residents living with dementia. Familiar popular songs with large print words in a flash encourage the residents sing along. There is also a travel section, which allows residents to travel anywhere in the world in an instant! In essence, the IN2L enables socialization, cognitive stimulation, and improves the mood and emotional well-being for residents living with all levels of dementia. Other approaches for our memory care and Alzheimer residents involve therapeutic gardening, pet therapy, and music therapy, including the renowned Music & Memory program.

A key priority is to get to know the resident so activities can be tailored to an individual’s hobbies and history. “In a sense, my job is to act as a detective,”’ explained LeClaire. “With the help of our families, I try to find out as much as I can about each resident. This way, our staff will know and understand the unique roles, values, and interests of our residents before they were affected by the disease. More importantly, this information helps create strong bonds between our staff members and our residents.”

Behind the Scenes at Katzman Family Center for Living

November 11, 2022

It’s been an enjoyable fall season with spectacular weather, perfect for the residents and staff to spend time outdoors. Residents and staff have been playing bingo, enjoying donuts and coffee, and partaking in lively discussions. Indoors, fall projects are in full swing with residents creating gourds and pumpkins out of balloons, glue, and strings. The finished projects were very impressive.

As this is an election year, discussions naturally turned towards voting. Many residents utilized the absentee ballots that were mailed to them. They were proud of the fact that had their say on issues and candidates.

Myles, our therapy dog, visited all decked out in his orange and black costume. He immediately put smiles on everyone’s face. And he wasn’t the only one in costume. Take a look at Jill Tura and Tara Muise all decked out at the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Pot of Gold” fundraiser. They were definitely the stars of the night!

We have many talented residents living in Katzman Center. Just a few honorable mentions: Diane Dellesandro won October’s Best Smile of the Month, resident Anna De Valle proudly showed off her flower arranging skills and resident John Shakespeare surprised everyone with his dancing skills. On the gaming front, Marie Diciccio won the Mega Bingo Jackpot. She happily displayed her winnings for all to see.

Myles, our therapy dog, visited all decked out in his orange and black costume. He immediately put smiles on everyone’s face. And he wasn’t the only one in costume. Take a look at Jill Tura and Tara Muise all decked out at the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Pot of Gold” fundraiser. They do us proud!

The Season to be Thankful

November 11, 2022

As we prepare for the holiday season, it seems only fitting to reflect upon the past year and the true meaning of the holidays. With that in mind, below are quotes from residents and staff members about what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our amazing residents and staff. Happy Thanksgiving!

“This holiday season I am grateful for so many things. I am first always grateful for my family and their health and happiness. I am grateful for this wonderful company for believing in me and for always making our employees and residents safety and happiness a priority. I am grateful for the AMAZING team at Ruth’s House who work endlessly to make our residents feel safe, warm and loved in their home. Lastly, I am grateful for our residents who trust us to give them a beautiful, enriching, and fun place to live!”

Christina Tuohey
Executive Director
Ruth’s House Assisted Living


“I am thankful for my children.”

Linda B
Ruth’s House Assisted Living Resident


“I am thankful for the company. Everyone here is fantastic.”

Regina Retynsky
Ruth’s House Assisted Living Resident


“This Thanksgiving I am thankful to call Cohen Florence my home. I feel so blessed to be here with all of these amazing people.”

Ruth Curran
Cohen Florence Levine Estates Resident


“This Thanksgiving I am grateful to be spending the holiday with my family and friends. I am grateful for their health and the happiness and support they bring me each and every day.”

Kristen Donnelly
Executive Director
Cohen Florence Levine Estates/Florence & Chafetz Home for Specialized Care


“I am grateful for the residents and the joy they bring to our community; I am grateful for our families and their involvement at Kaplan; I am grateful for our team and the compassion and dedication they display in the care they provide; and I’m grateful for the love and encouragement of my family as they support me in the work that I do.”

Andrea Hillel
Executive Director
Harriett and Ralph Kaplan Estates


“I am thankful for my wonderful children and the care I am receiving here.”

Harriett and Ralph Kaplan Estates Resident


“This thanksgiving I am thankful for all healthcare employees from administration and nursing to housekeeping and kitchen staff. Everyone has come together and kept working to provide the best care possible through a pandemic and beyond. “

Dennis Kanarkiewicz
Director of Nursing
Brudnick Center for Living


“I am thankful for my daughter who challenges me and inspires me to be the best version of myself. I am grateful for the Katzman community- the incredibly compassionate and dedicated team at KCL, our residents, and their families. Wishing you all good health and happiness this Thanksgiving.”

Jill Tura
Executive Director
Katzman Family Center for Living


“I’m thankful for my kids and our health. I’m thankful to have a job with nice co-workers that get along and work as a team to provide care to our residents. Even though our jobs are stressful, I feel blessed that I wake up in the morning and enjoy going to work.”

Dylia A. LPN
Katzman Family Center for Living


“I have worked here for a long time. I’m thankful that this place feels like my home and that these people are my family.”

Maria C. CNA
Katzman Family Center for Living

People are Talking!

November 10, 2022

Feedback from our residents and families is crucial to making our residences the best they can be. Through our surveys, phone calls and day-to-day interaction, we continuously take into consideration each and every comment.

Another way to provide essential feedback is through our virtual Town Hall Meetings, which are held for residents and families in our skilled nursing residences. These meetings enable you to ask questions, find out about activities and events and discuss any issues or concerns. It’s also a great way to interact with other families. This month Katzman Center will hold its meeting on November 29; Leavitt Family Jewish Home will be on November 30 at 5:30pm; the Leonard Florence Center meeting will be held on December 1 at 5:30pm and Brudnick Center will be held on December 13.

Below are a few of the comments we received recently as well as Zoom invites to the virtual Town Halls Meetings. We welcome your participation!


Family Feedback

“I appreciate how knowledgeable the staff is about my loved one, how they really care about her well- being and how patient and considerate they act towards family members.”

“The accommodations and staff are excellent! What I noticed the most is that everyone knocks before they enter a room.”

“Lovely staff with great nurses. They are very sympathetic and caring.”

“Great communication and follow through. Everyone is so friendly!”

“The therapy is exceptional.”

“It’s like staying at a nice hotel!”


Town Hall Zoom Meetings:

KCL Town Hall Meeting
Time: November 29, 2022, 5:30pm EST
Meeting ID: 838 2136 6694
Passcode: 434193

JNH Town Hall Meeting
Time: November 30, 2022, 5:30pm EST
Meeting ID: 833 4120 6408
Passcode: 544356

LFCL Town Hall Meeting
Time: December 1, 2022, 5:30pm EST
Meeting ID: 894 0908 4158
Passcode: 752571

BCL Town Hall Meeting
Time: December 13, 2022, 5:30pm EST
Meeting ID: 856 2176 1609
Passcode: 639445

Activities Galore at the Leonard Florence Center for Living

November 7, 2022

Fall is a beautiful time of year, and this year the weather has been spectacular. Residents are taking advantage of the summer-like temperatures and spending time outdoors on the patio and on the grounds.

Our new “Learn How to Play” activity ranks high on the list. In fact, we are now offering this game on both Wednesdays and Fridays. Residents recently learned how to play Rummikub. Not surprisingly, we have some excellent players!

We are holding morning meditation classes with Emma K. and McDonald resident Meghan B. In a few short weeks it has quickly become a favorite way to start the week. Emma has also started a women’s talk group on Thursdays. The ladies love sharing stories and catching up on current events. It’s a lively and entertaining social hour!

This month residents are visiting two beloved local restaurants: Polcari’s and Cheesecake Factory. Delicious food and animated conversations make for a very enjoyable outing.

Wishing our residents who have November birthdays a very special day. Happy Birthday to the following individuals:

  • Nancy P: November 3
  • Timothy H: November 5
  • James G: November 6
  • Patricia G: November 8
  • Charles H: November 10
  • Laura K: November 14
  • John I: November17
  • David M: November 21

Behind the Scenes at Cohen Florence Levine Estates and Florence & Chafetz

November 7, 2022

The fall weather has been outstanding and we are taking full advantage of outdoor activities. In fact, It was a spectacular autumn day when we embarked upon our annual Fall Foliage Ride. Traditionally this ride includes a stop for apple cider donuts, but this year, by popular demand, we savored homemade ice-cream at Treadwell’s in Peabody. A fitting end to the perfect trip.

On the agenda for November: residents went to see music legend Paul Anka at the Lynn Auditorium. He gave an amazing performance! It was such a treat for residents and staff to see him perform live on stage. Take a look at the photos from the performance.

Our book club continues to be a popular activity. This month, residents selected “Where the Crawdads Sing,” the international best-seller by Della Owens. No doubt the discussion will be lively—as always.

Chef Richard has been trying out some new items in the fall menu, with a variety of fresh nutritious ingredients. The mahi mahi was a huge hit! Keeping with the fall theme, Oretha has been baking mouth-watering pumpkin pies and muffins. The aroma of these freshly baked goodies is irresistible.

Over at Florence & Chafetz, we are hosting a Thanksgiving reception for residents and families on November 16. Everyone is looking forward to delicious food, colorful decorations and, most importantly, the opportunity to be together. Residents have been busy making a special craft for their families. A focal point of the day will be our “thankful” tree. Residents and families write what they are thankful for on paper leaves and place on the tree. We can’t wait to see the finished creation!