Message from Kae Santos, Regional President at CJL Chelsea

September 19, 2022

Dear Residents and Families,

I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. The end of summer and start of autumn has not slowed down our residences as they continue to buzz with activity. Residents have enjoyed the many events organized by our dedicated staff including baking classes, outdoor concerts, restaurant trips, and visits with furry friends. The smiles and laughter are truly a joy to see throughout our campuses. I encourage you to read about these happenings and view the photos in this newsletter and our posts on our website and social media.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind everyone how important it is to keep up to date with COVID vaccinations this fall. Like most senior care residences in Massachusetts, we have again started to see COVID cases in our campuses as COVID levels have risen in the community. However, thanks to our high vaccination and booster rates among residents and staff and easy access to therapeutics, those cases have been either asymptomatic or very mild. The CDC strongly recommends receiving an updated, bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster for those ages 12 and older to reduce the risk of severe disease. Please refer to the CDC website for the full guidelines. Being fully up to date with vaccinations is the best way you can help us keep our communities safe and healthy.

For those of you who observe the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year. It is a wonderful time to reflect and rejoice being with family and friends.

On behalf of our amazing staff, I thank you for your continued trust in us to care for your loved ones and keep them happy and safe. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to say hello, share your thoughts, or ask questions. I always welcome the opportunity to connect with you and hope to see you in our residences soon.

All the best,


Kae Santos
Regional President, Chelsea
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Message from Megin Hemmerling, North Shore Regional President of CJL

September 14, 2022

Dear Residents and Families,

We have three exciting milestones to share this this month. Shapiro-Rudolph Adult Day Health Center is celebrating 40 years from its opening date; September marks the 25th anniversary of Harriett and Ralph Kaplan Estates; and the Jeffrey and Susan Brudnick Center for Living (formally Jewish Rehab Center) has been part of our Peabody campus for 10 years. The longevity of these three entities reflects the loyalty, dedication, and support of our residents and families throughout the years. We are truly grateful.

For those of you who observe the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and You Kippur, I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year. It is a time to rejoice in being with family and friends.

Congratulations are in order for Tammy Starion and Eddie Gathii. Tammy passed her Nursing Home Administrator exam after a yearlong administrator-in-training program. She is now Executive Director/Nursing Home Administrator at BCL. You can read more about Tammy in this newsletter. Additionally, Eddie, one of our wellness nurses for the past five years, was recently promoted to Resident Care Director at Kaplan Estates, a very well-deserved promotion.  I am so proud of both Tammy and Eddie, and their deep commitment to our organization.

As always, please know I am available to answer questions, hear comments or simply get together and talk. I welcome the opportunity to connect with each of you.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

All the best,


Megin L. Hemmerling
Regional President, Peabody
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Look What’s Happening at Leonard Florence Center for Living

September 16, 2022

With fall right around the corner, residents have made it a priority to enjoy the warm weather days. In fact, “Coffee Talk with Sandie C” on Wednesdays is more popular than ever. Residents enjoy drinking coffee, tea or water on the front patio while enjoying the sun and, of course, talking about the latest news, weather or even getting to know the other residents. Our outings are also high on the list, especially the September restaurant trips to Polcari’s. Both residents and staff are looking forward to visiting Tiki Island, where they’ll savor Chinese and Polynesian specialties.

The 14th Annual ALS & MS Walk for Living was held on Sunday, September 18 outside of the Leaonard Florence Center. What a wonderful opportunity for our residents, families, staff, and local community members to come together and honor our amazing residents. In next month’s next newsletter we will feature a myriad of pictures taken throughout the event. Stay tuned!

Visits from Golden Moments 4Elders are a highlight for all dog lovers in the building! There is nothing better than seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter of our residents when they see these beautiful dogs. It is a joy to have them visit the Center.

Wishing the following residents a very Happy Birthday:

  • Jan W: September 07
  • Steven S: September 10
  • Demetra M: September 10
  • Gloria W: September 14
  • Rose P: September 18
  • Bernice F: September 18
  • Barbara T: September 26
  • Barbara P: September 30

Behind the Scenes at Katzman Family Center for Living

September 15, 2022

What better way to celebrate the end of summer than with a fun luncheon at the Cheesecake Factory, followed by a toured cruise across the Charles River? Residents relished delicious food, exceptional weather, and lively conversation. It was an enjoyable day for all.

We have been gearing up for the 14th Annual ALS & MS Walk for Living at the Leonard Florence Center that was held on Sunday, September 18. Here at Katzman, we used the second part of our Bazaar Sale to raise money for this event and promote ASL/MS awareness. It was a huge success with residents, staff and visiting family members joining together to support such a meaningful cause.

During our baking class this month, residents made mouth-watering mini apple pies and mini pizza’s. They were so delicious that no one could stop eating them!

Since Fall is right around the corner, residents have been busy creating paper pumpkins that will be displayed throughout the building. They will add festive bursts of color and definitely get people in the spirit.

When Jimmy Honahan and Bob Richman perform a concert for residents at Katzman, watch out! It seems that our staff members just can’t help themselves and get up on the dance floor every time! As always, fellow residents Richard Staskiewicz and Ruth Williams are the first to start it off. No doubt about it, residents and staff alike look forward to these concerts.

What’s Happening at Cohen Florence Levine Estates and Florence & Chafetz

September 14, 2022

September is off to a busy start with restaurant outings, games, activities, and musical performances. Residents at Cohen, Florence, Levine Estates dined at the new Floramo’s in Wakefield. Best known for their legendary steak tips and ribs in Chelsea, the new Wakefield location did not disappoint. Residents also enjoyed a pizza party at Polcari’s, sponsored by Lou Fiske, son of adored resident Virginia Fiske. Thank you, Lou!

Florence & Chafetz residents were treated to superb musical performances by Elaina Jacobs, Lin Darcy, and Peter Previte. Pete delighted the audience by playing everyone’s favorite song — “Heart & Soul.” The Winiker Band Evening Concert was a lively affair. Take a look at the many photos from the fun-filled evening.

Our Staff Appreciation Cookout was a huge success. Our dedicated staff enjoyed music, raffles, food and games, courtesy of Kristen, Jen, Ansu, Armando, Richard, Jimmy, and Shellie. We are so grateful to our wonderful staff!

September birthday celebrations were made event more festive with the addition of music from beloved Ron Nowlan as well as a tea party with “Smokin Joe.” Wishing a very happy birthday to our residents celebrating their special days.

This month our Book Club focused upon Golden Girl by Ellin Hilderbrand. Her books all revolve around a Nantucket setting, which sparked many beach memories from the residents. It was, as always, a spirited and animated discussion.

Meet Executive Director Tammy Starion RN, BSN, MS

September 9, 2022

Tammy Starion knew early in life that she wanted to be a nurse. Her grandmother talked to her often about how she herself had wanted to become a nurse but wasn’t allowed to choose nursing as a profession. These conversations resonated with Tammy, but it wasn’t until 7th grade, when her brother was in a serious car accident, that Tammy realized she had found her calling. “For three months, I would walk to the hospital every day after school to visit him,” recalled Tammy. “I would help him with physical therapy, wash his hair, and keep him company. Looking back, I feel like I was born to be a nurse!”

Working as a CNA for five years while getting her BSN degree provided Tammy with a valuable training. Tammy admits it was “the hardest job I’ve ever had” but also noted that she loved it. She then worked in the Intensive Care Unit at Salem Hospital, opening up the Cardiac Surgical Unit. After being employed in an acute care setting for 13 years, Tammy ultimately returned to long-term care. As Chelsea Jewish Lifecare’s Director of Nurses for six years, Tammy supported each and every nurse on her staff. Today, in her role as Executive Director, Tammy focuses upon maintaining a high quality of life for the residents. “Making life mean something to our residents by providing as much quality as possible is my mission,” stated Tammy. “I truly enjoy listening to their stories and seeing them smile. There is nothing better.”

Tammy lives with her fiancé, 12 year old son and 28 year old stepdaughter. She moved to Danvers two years ago after living her entire life in Peabody but is still very active in the Peabody community. “I only moved two miles away, but I feel like I moved cross country,” said Tammy with a laugh. “The good news is that I only have a 7 minute commute to get to work!” Tammy’s son Dylan attends school in Peabody and plays on the Peabody football team. Added Tammy, “I am grateful that I have established relationships with so many wonderful people in the community. My heart belongs in Peabody!”

Transitioning from Director of Nurses to Executive Director allows Tammy to focus on every department at the Brudnick Center, supporting staff members and making the residents and families feel at home. Tammy feels fortunate that she knows so many of our residents personally as a result of growing up in the area. “Helping individuals and families is incredibly rewarding,” said Tammy. “I always look forward to receiving letters and calls about the exceptional quality of care at the Brudnick Center.”

For Tammy, the Executive Director at the Brudnick Center for Living position is near and dear to her heart. As she explains, “Anyone who knows me knows I am ‘living the dream.’ Life is short and I believe we should all make the best of every day.” Clearly, Tammy makes each day better for our residents and our staff.

Attention Residents and Families: We Need Your Help!

September 8, 2022

Our Resident Satisfaction Survey is here. This survey is a means for our organization to obtain valuable feedback, enabling us to provide the best quality care. To coordinate the survey, we have partnered with Activated Insights, a nationally recognized research firm.

“The involvement of our families is vital to the care and support of our residents,” stated Melissa Kershaw, MPT, Director of Development for Chelsea Jewish Lifecare. “Family feedback allows us to celebrate the things we are doing well and also make adjustments in the areas where we can do better.”

The survey is completely confidential and will take place from September 12 through October 4. At that time, residents and families will receive an email or text invitation from Activated Insights providing you with a special link to the survey. This link will be unique to each individual. The survey can be accessed via a smart phone, computer, or tablet and is compatible with all devices and web browsers. It should take approximately ten minutes to complete the survey.

Our “Survey Champion,” also known as our Executive Directors, will guide residents who need assistance with the survey. They will be available to provide tablets for residents, answer questions, assist with the survey code and offer assistance with reading the questions, if needed.

Results will be shared residents and families a few months after the end of the survey. Kershaw stressed the importance of the survey. “We continuously strive to support and care for our residents in the best possible way. Family feedback is invaluable and will guide us as we strive to ensure that our residents are living their best lives!”

Here is a preview of a sample question: