Message from Megin Hemmerling, North Shore Regional President

April 11, 2023

Dear Residents and Families,

Happy Spring! It is always a joy to usher in the spring season on our Peabody campus. We will be setting up our outdoor seating areas in the courtyards and porches again. The beautiful gardens and shrubbery are perfect backdrops for family visits and activities. Being outside this time of year gives everyone a lift in spirits!

There’s exciting news about our renovations at Kaplan Estates. We should have an official start date for the construction project within the next few weeks. The project involves adding two memory care units to Legacy by converting two traditional apartments. We will also create a permanent area for the company store.

I hope you had a very Happy Passover and Easter. We celebrated both holidays with traditional foods, flowers, and services. For the very first time, we held a communal Passover Seder in conjunction with the Sons of Israel on April 6th. Our residents and guests participated in the age-old rituals, making new friends, eating, and laughing together.

Looking forward to seeing you outdoors very soon!



Megin L. Hemmerling
Regional President, Peabody
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Getting Ready for Passover the Chelsea Jewish Way

April 9, 2023

March Madness may be over, but it’s still a really busy time on our campus with all the Passover preparations. In fact, April Madness might be a better way to describe it! There is a great deal of planning involved probably, more than any other Jewish holiday. Fortunately our dietary and activity teams excel in holiday logistics, so it’s truly a labor of love.

This year, the eight days of Passover begin at sundown on April 5 and end at sundown on April 13. The holiday marks not only the arrival of springtime but it also celebrates liberation, which is why Passover is also called the “Festival of Our Freedom.”

On Passover, family and friends gather together for an elaborate feast known as the Seder. We will hold Seders on the first night of the holiday, with residents, families, staff, and friends sharing stories, blessings, rituals, and a delicious meal.

“We finally feel that we can have  a true holiday celebration again after the pandemic,” said Michael Millard, Food Service Director at Chelsea Jewish Lifecare. “Changing the dishes, koshering the kitchen and the fact that we will be having guests again is the most rewarding aspect of all.”

Preparing for Passover is quite extensive and our organization begins weeks, even months, before the holiday. Traditionally, we engage in a kind of spring cleaning, removing all leavened foods from the household and using only Passover pots, plates, and silverware.

“The most difficult aspect is getting the products in our kitchens while also operating  non-kosher for Passover simultaneously,” remarked Millard. “The two days before are especially hectic as we have to make sure to prep with only kosher for Passover products. Keeping in mind the 24 /7 needs of our residents, we try very hard to create a seamless transition to the best of our ability.”

It’s a great deal of work for the team, but everyone agrees the end result is well worth it. Passover provides us with the opportunity to get together with family and friends and rejoice in holiday traditions. What could be better?

Behind the Scenes in Peabody!

April 11, 2023

All eyes were riveted on Kaplan resident Pam DeGroot when she interviewed Ted Stux, the President of the Jewish Journal. Pam asked relevant and pressing questions; Ted spoke about the importance of maintaining newspapers that focus on local news as well as publication that enable you to get to know the leaders in the community. Ted pointed out that this process ensures quality and accountability in terms of community leadership. The residents joined in, which resulted in lively discussions.

Residents sang alongside Steve Belgiorno at a recent concert. Steve regularly takes requests from the audience and plays the songs we love to hear. An interesting fact: Steve plays with no music in front of him. He’s a very talented musician and we feel fortunate to have him visit our campus so often.

Brudnick Residents Carolyn Blazingame, Freda London, Jenny Joyce and Monica Gura made beautiful necklaces and bracelets with volunteer Deb Eskanazi. The colors were very spring-like and the designs were quite creative.

Another musical great also performed for us this month. BCL residents were treated to a concert with the versatile and charismatic Jimmy Honohan. Even the staff members got in the groove of Jimmy’s music, dancing with residents and showing many of their own unique dance moves. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Take a look at the many Passover photos elsewhere in this newsletter. The Seders were a joyous occasion for residents, families, staff, and friends. Thank you to everyone who made these events possible.