May 12, 2022

What’s Happening at Katzman Family Center for Living

With a gathering of well-wishers surrounding her, Anna Bellino celebrated her 100th birthday in style. She was very touched by the sentiments of both residents and staff.

A recent luncheon to Applebee’s proved that everyone loves these special outings. Delicious food and great company are a recipe for success. Residents Helena Lange and Marsha Jackson enjoyed ordering –and drinking – the restaurant’s festive specialty drinks.

Jeff Cohen and his therapy Labrador Retriever’s are always a welcome sight. The dogs bring joy and comfort to all. It’s amazing how the presence of these beautiful dogs can bring so much laughter and smiles to so many.

Passover was a joyous holiday this year. Residents worked diligently to create Passover artwork, which was displayed throughout the building. We were able to capture some of the residents proudly posing with their creations. What a talented group! The holiday was made even more special with Rabbi Sidney Zimmerman officiating over the Seders.

The creative juices were flowing when Mandee, our art instructor, asked residents to paint pictures focusing on Spring as the theme. There were so many beautiful and colorful paintings! In fact, Laura Kwitkowski said her son and daughter were anxious about which one of them would receive her painting. As Laura explained, “My artwork seems to be high in demand,” she said with a laugh. “Since I don’t want to disappoint either one of my children, I guess I’ll just have to make more!”