October 12, 2021

What’s Happening at Brudnick Center for Living!

October has been a busy time at the Brudnick Center. Throughout the week of Sukkot, sweets and grape juice were available to all. Chabad Rabbi Nechemia Schusterman from Peabody visited with residents on the North Shore Campus with his Lulav and Etrog so that they could complete the commandments of saying the blessings over these traditional Sukkot items. Residents of all faiths enjoyed the colorfully decorated sukkahs.

The cooking group put good use to the abundant vegetables and herbs that they planted in the garden: basil, peppers, mint and lavender. All summer long residents lovingly cared for the veggies and it showed. The fresh vegetables and herbs were delicious. Ellen Gordon, Director of Resident Life, captured the sentiments perfectly. “We reminisced about making pesto with the basil, homemade pasta sauce and homemade past — and so we did!” exclaimed Ellen. She introduced two residents who never met before and they combined their ideas to make a delicious pesto, pasta and sauce. As Ellen said, “It was loaded with garlic and we loved it!”

The 4th floor residents will be playing everyone’s favorite game “Let’s Make A Deal!” Surprises and prizes can be found in every box. Michelle Tucker returns to our 2nd floor residents with her “Music & Movement” program. It’s a great way to get everyone moving. Also on the agenda: Stewart Aronson will bring us live musical entertainment with an outdoor concert and Zumba instructor, Rachelle Bruzzese will visit both residential floors to offer her popular dance parties. Both residents and staff are eagerly awaiting Dan Tremblay’s upcoming visit. Dan, who is the official director of filming for the Topsfield Fair, will be bring the Topsfield Fair directly to residents with “Dan’s Documentaries”. Residents will get to see the exhibits and entertainers that were showcased at this year’s fair.

Things are heating up in the sports arena with the much anticipated “Bowling Tournament.” The residents divide into teams and the competitions begin, with their teammates cheering each other on. This activity provides the benefit of added exercise to their daily fitness program.  Most importantly, there’s a wonderful sense of camaraderie among all the players, creating a community of friendship and warmth. The residents really enjoy the bi-weekly competitions. Not surprisingly, there are some excellent bowlers on the team!