July 9, 2024

Summertime Fun at the Leonard Florence Center for Living

LFCL residents visit the beach

Amidst a bevy of activities, events, programs and celebrations, the summer has been busy and full. Residents, staff and guests are taking advantage of the warm weather to relax on the patios and balconies. Summertime and the living is easy!

LFCL’s “Outward Bound Program” has been a model for skilled nursing facilities across the country. This unique program enables our specialty house residents to go into the community and enjoy a variety of outings. For example, in June we took a group from Torf and Weiner to Castle Island. The weather was perfect and there were so many scenic landmarks along the way.

July 4th is always a popular time and this year was no exception. The holiday kicked off with a delicious BBQ on July 2, followed by a musical concert from “Big Smile Entertainment” on the Fourth of July. Also on the agenda: Residents and staff traveled to the Weathervane in Kittery Maine for fresh, mouthwatering seafood. And for all our aspiring artists (and there are many!) our “Paint the Night” art class was the ideal way to showcase their considerable talents. We now have their colorful masterpieces on display!

A highlight in June was our Staff Appreciation Day on June 18. This special event paid tribute to our wonderful employees. Below are a few quotes from our staff members that capture the sentiments of the attendees:

  • “I’m truly happy to be working for a company that constantly shows appreciation to all staff.”
  • “Thank you, LFCL—it’s truly an honor and privilege working here.”
  • “So grateful for Mr. Berman!”

Residents also shared their thoughts as well. Lynda K., a Slifka resident, enthusiastically remarked, “It’s wonderful to see an organization like Chelsea Jewish Lifecare be so appreciative of their staff. We all see how hard they work each and every day.”