October 17, 2012


As the fitness folks that I workout with already know (or I hope they do), working out has many benefits.  These benefits are not limited to more energy, better health, good and happy feelings; oh the list goes on and on….  Now, these benefits are certainly wonderful to have and even better to feel but there are times in the fitness lifestyle when we have to stop (just for a little while) and enjoy the fruits of our fitness labors.
This is what I like to call, “It’s time to stop and smell the roses”, or at this time of year, “Stop and smell the leaves”!  Now I don’t mean to lean down or pick up an autumn leaf and actually smell it!  What I am talking about is taking some time to enjoy all the beautiful things that this wonderful season brings!  By taking a break from the gym and instead walking or taking a ride to see the fall foliage, go to an apple orchard and enjoy fresh apples and the beauty and color of pumpkins is just what is recommended!
This fitness break isn’t (and shouldn’t be) for a long period of time but it simply means that since fitness folks (most likely) have worked very hard during this past year, fall brings a wonderful opportunity to enjoy nature with that same energy and happy feelings that you “earned” by working out so hard.  When people get into shape, they usually think that they have to keep it up without a break but I’m here to tell you that a break (a little one) is pretty much the right thing to do once in a while (not only does your body need it but your mind and spirit do as well).
The summer is gone (sad face) but the fall brings a multitude of opportunities to enjoy this beauty brought by “Mother Nature”.  The weather is usually cooler, normally there is little to no humidity and is pretty much picture perfect.  So this is, for most people, a wonderful time to get outside and take a stroll!  Feet, Cane or walker – anything goes as long as you get outside!
Remember, the colder months are not too far around the corner and that in itself brings its own share of situations that may or may not allow such easy access for walking or strolling.  So NOW is the time to get out there!  However, I do want to point out a few items that may make such a stroll tricky and even downright dangerous.  Leaves are beautiful, this is true. However, wet leaves on the ground can be very dangerous to walk on.  When you go out to see this foliage, please keep an eye on leaves that maybe wet or may cover up potential tripping hazards such as rocks, holes in the ground and anything that could be a hazard to your autumn stroll.
So just remember to wear the proper shoes, grab a coat or sweater, use any walking aid that you may have and get outside before the weather turns into a wonderland  – a winter wonderland that is!