April 5, 2021

Social Work Month at Leonard Florence Center for Living

March is designated as Social Work Month and the 2021 observance is more meaningful than ever. This year, the theme for the month-long celebration is Social Workers Are Essential. And rightly so!

For Jana Oberheu, LICSW Social Worker at Leonard Florence Center for Living, it has been a year unlike no other. “Certainly, it has been a challenging year for social workers — as it has been for everyone in the country,” commented Oberheu. “During this month I have reflected on my role. I have been fortunate to work with amazing social workers throughout my career and have learned so much from others.”

Jana explained the significance of Social Work Month for her. “The Executive Director of LFCL sent out an email in recognition of the work that Taylor Brean and I do,” said Oberhaeu.  “We received numerous accolades from the rest of the team and it was very nice to feel so appreciated. This past year has been especially tough and has really demonstrated how essential social workers are and the pivotal role that we play in healthcare as a part of an interdisciplinary team.” Jana added, “I think the pandemic really highlighted how meaningful our work is and how important the support we offer is to our residents, their families and the entire team.”

We applaud Janice for her hard work, dedication, loyalty and for the many positive contributions she has made to the residents and families at the Leonard Florence Center for Living.