April 1, 2021

Social Work Month at Brudnick Center for Living

March is designated as Social Work Month and the 2021 observance is more meaningful than ever. This year, the theme for the month-long celebration is: Social Workers Are Essential. And rightly so!

For Janice Glick, LICSW, Director of Social Work at Brudnick Center for Living, it has been a year unlike no other. “Certainly, it has been a challenging year for social workers — as it has been for everyone in the country,” commented Glick, who has served as BCL’s Director of Social Work for 23 years. “During this month I have reflected on my role. I have been fortunate to work with amazing social workers throughout my career and have  learned so much from others. Both Carolyn Cedrone and Amy Pliner have been instrumental in raising the bar in the social work department at the Brudnick Center. Their high degree of professionalism and steadfast dedication have helped make our social work department what it is today.”

Glick credits the social work internship program with promoting her growth professionally. “The interns have come to us from Salem State, Boston College, Boston University and Simmons University. Many of these interns are employed by Chelsea Jewish Lifecare following graduation.  I am looking forward to the time when our social work internship program returns to Brudnick. “It is a pleasure hearing the interns discuss how much they have learned from our residents,” said Glick. She added, “They practice reminiscence therapy that allows the patients/residents to tell their stories. The interns are always amazed at what many patients/residents have endured throughout their lives.”

In honor of Social Work Month Janice wants to focus on the Ethics Committee and remind the staff that this committee is available to patients/residents, staff, and families. “My initial statement regarding social work interns plays up the connection to our Ethics Committee,” said Glick. Social work interns from Salem State are expected to complete a macro project. This project requires the intern to evaluate the internship site and bring forward an idea for change or find a missing piece that could start to be developed through the macro project. The Ethics Committee originated from this missing piece that was identified. This committee consists of an interdisciplinary team that includes our staff as well as community members.

One of the biggest initiatives is when the Ethics Committee reviews real-life dilemmas raised by staff, families, patients, or residents. This became a wonderful learning opportunity for the staff. Janice feels it’s an important part of the program. “I want to remind everyone that this committee does exist and we are available to review ethical issues on an as needed basis. Please know every individual has the opportunity to have a consult if there are any ethical issues that one needs to process,” said Janice. “It is important to understand that the committee is not a decision making committee, but rather recommends and facilitates exploring important issues related to working with older adults and their families.”

For more information and/or questions, please feel free to contact Janice Glick at 978-471-5163 or email jeglick@chelseajewish.org.

We applaud Janice for her hard work, dedication, loyalty and for the many positive contributions she has made to the residents and families at the Brudnick Center for Living.