April 4, 2022

Running the Marathon Every Day at Chelsea Jewish Lifecare and JGS Lifecare

As athletes from all over the world toe the line on April 18th for the 106th Boston Marathon, we are reminded that our residents and patients are also marathoners in terms of their rehab and recovery efforts. In the same way that runners prepare for their “big day,” our long term care residents work to prepare for life after surgery or illness.

For the first time in the remarkable history of the Boston Marathon, COVID-19 prevented the race from being held in 2020. Then In 2021, the event was held in the fall rather than its traditional spring date. This year, the race is on and everyone is excited about returning to normal! Our rehab patients and long term residents, like this amazing event, prepare every day for their own recoveries and personal marathons.

Notably, many of our healthcare providers are runners in their spare time. Meet a few staff members who have run marathons in addition to supporting our residents and rehab patients.

Nikki immediately follwing the Hyannis MarathonNikki Lee, Director of Rehab at Brudnick Center for Living

Nikki sets the stage for the rehab team and all those who come through our doors to take their next steps. Having run in 7 marathons, Nikki challenges herself every day.







Adam Ernst, Executive Director at Leonard Florence Center for Living

Adam puts his running skills on display throughout his days caring for our specialized population. He ran the Boston Marathon in support of Newton Wellesley Hospital. He’s run in two marathons: the Eau Claire Marathon in 2016 and the Boston Marathon in 2017. Additionally, Adam has raced in Wisconsin and North Carolina.






Hernando Rodriguez, Director of Facilities at Brudnick Center for Living

Hernando makes sure we are “race ready” to accept each new residents each time they are admitted to us for care. He is known for his sub 3 hour marathons and has participated in 35 marathons throughout the world, including 12 Boston Marathons. At the Chicago Marathon his best time was 2:46:41. He placed #294, out of 45,000 runners!





Beverly Burns, Unit Manager at JGS Lifecare

Beverly runs in many local charity events and is now training for an Ironman triathlon, which is a 2.5 mile swim, followed by 112 mile bike, and then a full marathon. For the Mont Tremblent in Quebec, Beverly completed the course in just over 15 hours. What an incredible accomplishment. Beverly demonstrates grit and determination in her work as our unit manager at JGS Lifecare.








Success begins by taking the first step for residents, patients, and staff. There’s no doubt that our rehab patients and long term residents prepare for their own recoveries by running their own personal marathons.

Wishing all of the runners a successful race on April 18. To our residents, patients and family and friends who support them every day, best wishes for your success in all that you do.