April 11, 2023

Message from Megin Hemmerling, North Shore Regional President

Megin Hemmerling headshot

Dear Residents and Families,

Happy Spring! It is always a joy to usher in the spring season on our Peabody campus. We will be setting up our outdoor seating areas in the courtyards and porches again. The beautiful gardens and shrubbery are perfect backdrops for family visits and activities. Being outside this time of year gives everyone a lift in spirits!

There’s exciting news about our renovations at Kaplan Estates. We should have an official start date for the construction project within the next few weeks. The project involves adding two memory care units to Legacy by converting two traditional apartments. We will also create a permanent area for the company store.

I hope you had a very Happy Passover and Easter. We celebrated both holidays with traditional foods, flowers, and services. For the very first time, we held a communal Passover Seder in conjunction with the Sons of Israel on April 6th. Our residents and guests participated in the age-old rituals, making new friends, eating, and laughing together.

Looking forward to seeing you outdoors very soon!



Megin L. Hemmerling
Regional President, Peabody
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare