April 17, 2023

Message from Kae Santos, Regional President, Chelsea

Katherine Santos headshot

Dear Residents and Families,

I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. Across our residences, these past few weeks have been full of celebrations and fun activities as we continue to get back to traditions that were paused due to COVID-19.

At Florence & Chafetz, residents and staff dazzled in beautiful gowns, suits, and jewelry with the return of the annual fashion show. Everyone in attendance including other residents, families, friends, and staff smiled, laughed, and danced to the music. It was wonderful to hear the shouts and laughter as they cheered on their loved ones strutting down the red-carpet runway.

Across Chelsea Jewish, April has also been a busy time as we prepared to celebrate Passover. Residents created murals and flower arrangements to display during the eight days of Passover. The dietary staff also engaged in a version of spring cleaning, removing all leavened foods from the pantries and replacing all the cookware, plates, and silverware. The main celebration was the Seder, an extravagant feast held the first night. During the Seder, residents, families, friends, and staff shared stories, blessings, and a delicious meal of traditional foods. We especially thank the dietary team for their hard work in preparing for this holy holiday.

I invite you to read more and view the photos of these events and other happenings in our residences in this newsletter and on our website.

Now that spring has arrived, our residents are eager to spend more time outdoors. The maintenance team has been working to set up our outdoor seating areas in the courtyards and patios. We really hope to see you around enjoying our gardens and flowers in our residences soon.

All the best,


Kae Santos
Regional President, Chelsea
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare