February 8, 2021

Meet Lea Poulin, Director of Nurses at LFCL

Lea Poulin imagines that she if did not become a nurse, she would have enjoyed being a comedian. She loves making other people laugh. As Lea puts it, “I believe laughter soothes the soul!” Fortunately for the residents and staff of the LFCL, where Lea has worked since 2016, she chose nursing as her career.

For Lea, it has been a tremendous experience. She is consistently impressed by the fact that the residents’ needs are always the top priority and how the Green Houses environment promoted quality care in innovative ways through state-of-the-art technology. “The LFCL house is incredibly warm and resident centered,” said Lea. “It is an absolute joy to work here.”

Lea attended Fitchburg State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Early in her career, she worked in acute care at a  local hospital. Since then, Lea found her calling in long-term care, first as staff educator, then Assistant Director of Nursing and ultimately as Director of Nursing, focusing upon clinical assessment and treatment.

Lea Poulin's childrenA resident of  Newton, NH for 17 years, Lea is extremely proud of her two children. Daughter Savanna (24) has followed in her mom’s footsteps and works in healthcare; her son Tanner (16) attends high school, where he is an avid basketball player. In Lea’s spare time, she relishes going to the beach.  As she says, “I love the sight, sound, smell of the ocean. It is peaceful and it recharges my batteries.” Lea  particularly enjoy sunsets and sunrises, which are the perfect backdrop for her beautiful photos.

Over the years, Lea has encountered many residents and received  her fair share of requests, but one stands out in her memory. “A resident who was very ill really wanted a milk shake,” recalls Lea. “I spoke with the cook about her request and he made her a chocolate milkshake. It was gratifying to see her savoring that milkshake. In that moment, she was so happy,” Helping the residents feel happy and cared for is why Lea wanted to become a nurse in the first place.

When asked what it has been like during the pandemic, Lea admits the experience has beenSunset scary and challenging. She credits the resilience of the residents and hard work of the staff for weathering this unprecedented time. “ I worked with two wonderful individuals by my side,” said Lea. “Executive Director Michael McCarthy and Vent Director Amalia Almeida were with me every step of the way. We supported each other daily through a myriad of emotions,” said Lea. “Additionally, we were aware how hard our loyal staff was working to care for our residents and we tried to help in any way possible. I am incredibly proud of our staff.”

For Lea, the best part of her job is making a difference in the residents’ lives every day. “I like utilizing my clinical expertise to achieve the highest level of wellness for my residents,” said Lea.  She added, “I truly enjoy making them smile and laugh by giving them a compliment or telling a funny story.” It seems to be working, since everyone at LFCL adores being with Lea.