November 9, 2021

Look What’s Happening at the Leonard Florence Center for Living!

“Deli Day” is back by popular request and residents and staff alike are savoring the delicious sandwiches and accompaniments. The deli was forced to close during the pandemic, but as we gradually return to a normal routine, it is a joy to have the deli open for staff, residents, families, and visitors.

There are many activities planned for the month of November. The list includes a performance by a Hawaiian dancer and ukulele player, restaurant trip to the popular Polcari’s, beloved Scrabble games in the cafe every Wednesday and Friday, and inspiring music by a talented jazz guitarist.

Recently, the LFCL staff participated in an Emergency Evacuation exercise in conjunction with MassMAP. The drill is an annual training to prepare staff for any type of disaster, such as a missing person, gunman in building, natural disasters or any maintenance issues like a pipe bursting or a roof collapsing. These exercises are a useful tool in helping our staff prepare for emergency responses should a crisis or disaster arise. Hopefully, we will not have to deal with any of theses issues, but it is prudent to be prepared for such contingencies.

Hanukkah starts early this year, with the first night celebrated on November 28. In addition to the lighting of the menorah, residents will get together to discuss Hanukkah rituals and what the holiday means to each of them.

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the following residents:

  • Nancy Polcari: November 3
  • Patricia Granara: November 8
  • Laura Kanter: November 14
  • Mary Wood: November 16
  • John Litchman: November 17
  • David Marion: November 21
  • Charlotte Bromberg: November 24