January 4, 2024

Look What’s Happening at the Leonard Florence Center for Living

November and December were busy months at the Leonard Florence Center for Living. Some of the highlights included “The Magic of Houdini” show, which delighted attendees of all ages; a lively “Bay State Elvis” convert and “Sandie’s Spa,” which provided spa treatments that promote the “Art of Relaxation.” Manicures, face masks and hand massages were available for all residents. Pampering is definitely the way to go!

For the holiday season, residents, families, and visitors were treated to a beautifully decorated lobby at the Leonard Florence Center. The fountain, in particular, looked gorgeous with blue, white, and silver accents.

As always, music plays a large role in our activities. Residents love Musical Bingo, a mix of music trivia and bingo. In both music trivia and regular trivia, it’s clear that our residents know all the answers. We have a very smart group!

The month of December also marked a return to our popular “Deli Days” where our famed New York style deli offers a wonderful assortment of sandwiches such as corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, tuna salad and chicken salad. Get there before the line is too long.

Patrick O’Brien, longtime resident of the LFCL, was featured in an inspiring Boston Globe story on January 3. You can read the interview with Patrick elsewhere in this newsletter. Patrick, you are an inspiration to us all!

Welcome to 2024! Let’s make it a happy, healthy, and enjoyable year for all.