September 13, 2023

Look What’s Happening at the Leonard Florence Center for Living!

As summer gives way to fall, we are gearing up for a variety of indoor activities. Our Walking Tours of the World is one of the most popular. Residents tour any place in the world they would like to visit, doing so via the magic of a VR headset. Bernice F. explained the program’s appeal. “I love being able to visit my home country and show off its beauty!”

Great food and conversation are on the menu at Tiki Island and the Tides Restaurant & Pub. There are so many delicious entrees from which to choose. Our September concerts feature music with Jimmy Honohan, Jonathan Campbell, Gordon Michaels, and Lin Darcy. Also on the musical front: John Clark’s “History of Music” is drawing rave reviews. Residents enjoy lively conversations about the music they listened to in all stages of their lives.

Sandie’s Games, Books, and Activity Cart is picking up steam! Many residents from both long-term care and short-term care love the different activities available. There are some excellent book choices that cater to the residents’ love of reading.

At the Leonard Florence Center, we take pride in hosting a wide range of events, activities, and games. Meghan B. explained it perfectly. “Activities bring life and personality to our residence.

In September, we have ten birthdays to celebrate! Wishing the following residents the happiest of days:

  • Mary S: September 05
  • Martha W: September 7
  • Steven S: September 10
  • Demetra M: September 10
  • Gloria W: September 14
  • Rose P: September 18
  • Rachel B: September 18
  • Bernice F: September 18
  • Barbara T: September 26
  • Barbara P: September 30