March 15, 2023

Look What’s Happening at Leonard Florence Center for Living

LFCL Residents share their paintings

March is a busy month at the Leonard Florence Center. Our Purim celebration was a huge hit, with a parade, costume contest, delicious food and colorful decorations. A Megillah reading and lively music from Jimmy Honohan and “The Poet” rounded out the festivities.

A Leonard Florence tradition is back by popular demand. Thursday, March 30 marks the opening day for the Red Sox, which is always a cause for celebration. Residents and staff will be “dressing down” by wearing Red Sox attire. And, of course, we will watch the game in the café, with snacks and treats by our side.

This month we are looking forward to three restaurant outings: Policari’s, Su Chang’s and The Cheesecake Factory. In addition to extensive menus, the trips are a great way to socialize and have fun.

Our poplar Tai-Chi exercise class combines breathing techniques with active range of motion exercises. More and more residents are attending each week. Also high on the activity list: our musical concerts on Monday afternoons. It’s a great opportunity to sing, dance and listen to classic hits.

Warmest wishes to the following residents who are celebrating March birthdays. We hope you have a very special day!

  • Donna D: March 5
  • Allayne C: March 10
  • Ina R: March 14
  • Jonathan: March 15
  • Rose C: March 20