May 8, 2023

Get to Know Antonio Alvarez!

Antonio, Director of Community Relations at Kaplan Estates, with his fiance

Director of Community Relations at Harriett and Ralph Kaplan Estates

With a September wedding in the works, a successful marketing career and a passion for music, Antonio Alvarez is one of the busiest people on the Peabody campus. Good thing he thrives on being active! In his current position as Director of Community Relations at Kaplan Estates, Antonio has no doubt that he is in the right position. “I enjoy working with assisted living residents because of the relationships I’m able to make,” explained Antonio.

Born in Schenectady, NY, Antonio resided in Hoosick Falls, a small country town in upstate New York. He is the youngest of five siblings and grew up with four older sisters. His parents owned a restaurant in Bennington, Vermont for five years until, sadly, his dad passed away when Antonio was 14. His mom, who is a wonderful cook, continued to work in the food industry until her recent retirement.

Antonio moved to the Boston area in 2009 and now lives in Salem with his fiancé, Alissa, and their precocious eight year old cat Nala. The couple met almost six years ago while they were both working at another skilled nursing facility. Their September 9th wedding promises to be an intimate, festive celebration.

A graduate of Suffolk University, Antonio holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. While in college he spent two years studying in Madrid, Spain. Early in his career, Antonio began his affinity for nonprofit work with a position at Oasis Coalition of Boston, an organization that focused primarily on the underserved and homeless. From there, he began his journey into social services, entering the senior care arena in 2015. It was then that he realized he had found his calling.

For Antonio, the best part of his job is that he gets to work with families. As he noted, “I like to help families by making the assisted living process seem less daunting,” stated Antonio. “It’s gratifying seeing a new resident find safety, stability, and community again, especially since they doubted this was possible outside of the home. It’s very cool to watch the process from start to finish.”

When asked about the spirit of the organization, Antonio was quick to respond. “The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Chelsea Jewish Lifecare is the long tenure of the employees,” said Alvarez. “So many employes have been here for five, ten, 20 plus years, including aides, nurses, dining staff as well as top tier leadership. I don’t think most people realize just how rare this is for a healthcare organization, especially in these post-pandemic times. The longevity, dedication and loyalty across our organization speaks volumes.”

In his spare time, Antonio likes to hike, watch soccer, play games, take photographs, and travel. But his real passion is music. He’s a talented drummer, composing electronic music and soundscapes using a mixture of computer software, drum machines, and modular synthesizers. As he puts it, “Music is where I find my inner peace.”

Antonio feels fortunate to have found a position he thoroughly enjoys day after day. “I love the fact that I can build a relationship with a new resident and their family. I find there’s a major emotional component to this transition that is truly rewarding for me. Added Antonio with a smile, “I’m also very comfortable in crisis-mode!”