October 10, 2023

Fall Festivities at Cohen Florence Levine Estates and Florence & Chafetz

A resident enjoys a meal

October is a busy time of year at CFLE and F&C. Trips, restaurant outings, activities, concerts, and games are in full swing. Homemade pinball is the newest game in our midst. Activity guru Cathie Messina created an ingenious model which enables the residents to play competitive pinball. Everyone had a blast!

Mouthwatering pastries appear in the bakery every day as Oretha rolls out her fall menu specials. Residents are devouring the homemade pumpkin muffins, scones, and apple muffins. The lobby smells are tantalizing.

Restaurant outings to Applebee’s and Su Chang’s are on the agenda for October as well as special performances by Alan Labella, Jim Moses and Sigy Moller. Florence & Chafetz residents are excited about the upcoming Fall Foliage Bus Trip on October 25. The colors and scenery should be spectacular.

Residents and staff wholeheartedly supported Amelia Ferringo, who works part time at CFLE as a kitchen aide. Amelia did a terrific job fundraising for the Mystic Valley Elderly Services, raising over $2000 through the “Dress Down” day that she organized at Malden Catholic. She also collected dozens of donated items for the Emergency Closet. Thank you to everyone who donated to help Ameila. Great job Amelia!