November 16, 2021

Chelsea Jewish Lifecare Thanks Employees with Wellness Days

Throughout the pandemic our staff has displayed tremendous dedication, perseverance, and fortitude. Clearly, they have worked extremely hard, day in and day out, throughout the pandemic. As a way of expressing gratitude, the organization is incorporating “Wellness Days” into the employee benefits package.

“The past two years have been difficult for all of us and it is with relief that things are slowly returning to a new semblance of normal,” states Betsy Mullen, COO of Chelsea Jewish Lifecare. “In recognition of the tireless efforts of our employees, we have created “Wellness Days.” We want to help our employees take care of themselves and focus on their well-being.”

Wellness Days are just one part of the overall “well-being” approach that plays an integral role in the organization. Employees will be given days off and other perks to help them focus upon their physical and emotional health. Mullen notes that it is vital the staff feels their absolute best. “We truly value our loyal staff,” said Betsy Mullen. “Taking good care of our employees ensures our residents will continue to receive the high quality care that has become a trademark of Chelsea Jewish Lifecare.”