February 10, 2022

Behind the Scenes at Cohen Florence Levine Estates and Florence & Chafetz

With the winter weather upon us, the activities staff is hard at work keeping our residents busy and happy. Recently the assisted living started a “Bravogram” board, located in the common area of CFLE. This is a wonderful way to recognize employees for their outstanding performance and excellent care. Originally the program was designed for staff to comment on other staff members, but since the board first went up residents wanted to be involved as well. It’s a great group project and staff and residents alike are enjoying reading and writing comments.

In terms of other activities, our bowling matches have heated up and we have some very intense competition each week. Our residents are excellent bowlers! Additionally, it’s important to focus upon daily exercise through structured exercise programs. Kickball remains one of the most popular activities. Residents are also participating in trivia games, sing-alongs, and arts and crafts.

Our tree planting celebration in mid-January at Florence & Chafetz was a huge success. Tu Bishvat, also known as the “New Year for Trees,” is a one day festival dedicated to nature. The holiday revolves around giving thanks to the natural world. Residents and staff enjoyed planting the apple trees in individual pots.

One of the month’s highlights included a visit from Golden Moments, a dog visiting service for seniors. Owner Jeff Cohen offers what he calls “pet entertainment” and brought golden retriever Myles to visit the residents. He was absolutely adorable. “The dogs wear holiday-themed costumes and perform tricks, which the residents really enjoy,” said Cohen. “Most importantly though, our visits may bring health benefits such as reduced anxiety, lower blood pressure, and increased socialization.” We can’t wait to see who he brings next month!