December 10, 2021

Behind the Scenes at Brudnick Center for Living

Residents and staff enjoyed the many Hanukkah festivities this year, especially the delicious potato latkes and sufganiot (jelly donuts) for the party on December 2. Talented accordionist Eddie Morando led the group with lively holiday musical selections. Each household at the Brudnick Center displayed its own menorah, adding a candle for each of the eight nights. The menorahs spread light and hope throughout the residence.

Our “Holiday Mitzvah” project is a beloved tradition at the Brudnick Center. Many of our residents made colorful yarn dolls to donate to “Citizen’s Inn,” a local shelter dedicated to helping families and individuals who are experiencing a housing crisis or food insecurity. The children living in the shelter can use these adorable dolls to decorate their rooms.

Coming up on the horizon: Deb Eskenazi will visit BCL at the end of the month to hold her popular “Floral Arranging” class. Residents always come up with very creative and visually appealing designs. They will be the perfect pieces to display throughout the residence on New Year’s Eve!