April 15, 2021

April’s Message from Adam Berman, President of Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Dear Residents and Families,

What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time we were in the midst of the greatest crisis we’ve ever experienced. Since vaccination rates are climbing, we’re seeing more and more activity in our residences. At last, residents can visit with their loved ones. In-person communication, along with the ability to experience a personal touch, is vital to all of us.

While witnessing a family reunion, I experienced a mix of emotions: happiness, hope and, truthfully, relief. The last fourteen months have been difficult for all of us. I also felt an incredible amount of pride. Our residents, families and staff came together as one. You stood by each other and managed the day-to-day routine throughout the pandemic with understanding and grace.

I hope all of you who celebrate Easter enjoyed the holiday. It was less restrictive than during the pandemic and next year will be even better. For our residents who celebrate Passover, I believe the holiday this year was especially meaningful. The story of Passover revolves around the people of Egypt leaving behind slavery and moving toward freedom. They are optimistic about their future. As a country, and as an organization, we are now experiencing that same sense of optimistic hope.

We all recognize the necessity of remaining vigilant about wearing masks, practicing good personal hygiene and maintaining safe social distancing. It is a small price for the safety of our loved ones. Unquestionably, we are  committed to strict safety control practices and will continue to do everything possible to protect our residents and staff.

I am so appreciative to each and every one of you who have supported us throughout this challenging time. Indeed, the future looks bright. Our residents, families and staff reflect the best of our organization.

Warm regards,
Adam Berman
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare