August 29, 2023

Ansu Kinteh Wins Prestigious Care and Wellness Award from Mass-ALA

Ansu Kinteh Receives Mass ALA Care and Wellness Award

Ansu Kinteh, Resident Care Director at Cohen Florence Levine Estates and Florence & Chafetz Specialized Care, was recently honored at the Massachusetts Assisted Living Association (Mass-ALA) Excellence Awards Dinner. Ansu received the coveted Care and Wellness Award for his outstanding work with the residents, ensuring a high quality of life by providing compassionate, truly exceptional care. The awards are presented each year to individuals at every level of assisted living who have demonstrated their desire to make a positive difference in the lives of residents, and who, in the view of their peers, stand out as role models in the industry.

“Ansu goes above and beyond to keep residents safe and smiling,” said Kristen Donnelly, Executive Director of Cohen, Florence Levine Estates Assisted Living. “You can find him dancing with residents at concerts, showing videos on the big screen, and playing games with everyone. He is very thorough in all his evaluations and assessments, taking time to understand each resident on both a clinical and personal level.”

“I am thrilled to be recognized by Mass-ALA with this meaningful award,” stated Ansu Kinteh. “It is very much a team effort as the encouragement and camaraderie between staff members is what makes our organization so unique. Equally as important is the continuous support by upper management.” Ansu added, “I consider myself extremely fortunate to be part of Chelsea Jewish Lifecare.”

Donnelly echoed the sentiments of everyone in the Chelsea Jewish Lifecare/Legacy Lifecare organization. “Ansu is not just a Resident Care Director; he is the heart and soul of Cohen Florence Levine Estates!”