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Plants and flowers at Leonard Florence Center for Mother's Day

Plants and flowers at Leonard Florence Center for Mother’s Day

While Mother’s Day this year was certainly not the norm, Chelsea Jewish Lifecare worked hard to make the day happy and memorable. Additional staff members were on hand to help families connect through phone and video calls. In this time of social distancing restrictions, hearing a loved one’s voice or seeing them on a screen makes a world of difference.

To further celebrate the day, each of the female residents at our skilled nursing residences and assisted livings received gorgeous bouquets and flowering plants in their rooms. Both Lowe’s and C.K. Garden Services generously donated the flowers and plants to our residents. It was a wonderful tribute to the mothers in our homes.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the special bond between a mother and a child. We are proud of our residents, our families and our staff for being so resilient. The spirit of Mother’s Day was very much in evidence.