We believe the opportunity to socialize and participate in stimulating activities contributes significantly to one’s overall health. At the Katzman Family Center for Living, residents feel nurtured, safe —and happy. Organized activities created specifically for aging seniors and those with memory loss make a huge difference in one’s day-to-day quality of life. Residents, family members and friends can often be found relaxing in the welcoming indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.


The Katzman Family Center for Living is in the midst of completing a spectacular $16 million renovation. The three-floor residences will be modeled after the Green House® concept, which creates the same feeling and experience you get from living in a real home. Each “home” is designed for 10-12 residents, resulting in a warm and cozy atmosphere. One of the most appealing elements of this green house concept is cooking in each “home.” Kitchens on each floor allow for wonderful aromas to permeate throughout each house. This, in turn, creates an even higher quality of food service.

European day spa, café, chapel, fireplace living rooms, lobby

Common areas with an abundance of natural light and scenic views

Double full-length closets, blinds and window treatments

Renovated rooms with individually controlled heating/air conditioning, flat screen TV’s, new furnishing and large windows

Three healthy and delicious kosher meals a day

Compassionate Care

Dedicated to ensuring that each of our residents reach the highest possible level of functionality, regardless of physical or mental ability, the Katzman Family Center for Living creates an interdisciplinary care plan is created for the benefit of each resident. Family members are invited to quarterly team meetings to discuss their loved one’s condition and progress.

Occupational therapist, physical therapist, podiatrist, speech therapist, psychiatric social worker

Rehabilitation therapies

Dedicated nursing and aide staff

Dietician, nurse practitioner and physician

Specialists in dementia care and sub-acute care