LGBT Community

In a recent survey of LGBT residents of the North Shore done by North Shore Elder Services, the LGBT community disclosed that they feel there is no safe place for their health care needs. People who have been out in their lives felt a need to go back in the closet while in a healthcare environment. Fear of retribution and lack of respect has been overwhelmingly cited as the reasons why. With the information gathered through this survey, the Peabody Campus took action.

The Kaplan Estates continues to respond to the senior care needs of LGBT older adults by developing best practices, guiding principles, and policies to insure inclusiveness and safety as guided by the training of the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging provided by SAGE of Western Massachusetts. Along with receiving ongoing education on how to better serve the LGBT community, the Peabody campus is taking a leadership role in the healthcare community at large to help illuminate the needs and concerns of LGBT individuals. We believe that all individuals are entitled to receive respectful healthcare services in a safe and inclusive environment. Going forward, the Chelsea Jewish Lifecare will roll out the SAGE training to the Chelsea campus.