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Janice Glick, Director of Social Services at the Jewish Rehabilitation Centers for Living JRCL (JRCL) and Melissa Brady, Assistant Director of Social Services at the JRCL, will present “Nursing Home: Can it Be the Best Choice?” at the Annual Conference of the American Society on Aging and the National Council of Aging in Las Vegas on March 15-19. The conference, named Aging in America 2009, is host to 4,000 multi-disciplinary professionals in aging, along with the organizations and business enterprises that will participate in an in-depth exploration of Aging in America.
The JRCL team will lead a discussion focusing on the stigmas the media promotes in its depiction of nursing homes, the positive aspects of nursing homes, the indicators of the need for placement in a nursing home, how to identify a good nursing home and the role of the social worker in a nursing home.“We are thrilled to be selected to present this important topic at this prestigious conference. It will give us a wonderful opportunity to showcase how nursing homes are often times the best solution care and why proactive planning an essential ingredient in elder care,” said Glick.
If you would like to schedule the presentation for your community or group, contact Janice Glick at 781-583-5310.