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Employees of the JRCL were recognized for their outstanding service recently by JRCL President and Chief Executive Officer Stephen H. Neff in town hall meetings. Neff emphasized his appreciation for the hard work, compassion, caring and fostering of resident dignity that was communicated by families and residents in the customer satisfaction survey results.  Neff went on to say the sentiment is seen in the fact that in 2008 the JRCL eldercare system,  which includes the Jewish Rehabilitation Center, Woodbridge Assisted Living, Shapiro-Rudolph Adult Day Center and JRCL Home Care, LLC, experienced great operational success; the system has served over 1,000 seniors in 2008 and grown 25% in the last two years.
To acknowledge the commitment the JRCL has to its employees each received a token of the organization’s commitment to invest in its employees. “We are in a growth mode,” said Katy Tavares, JRCL Director of Business Development. “Instead of laying off employees, we are creating new ways to express our appreciation for their hard work. We are committed to expanding the reach of our mission and have launched a new division, JRCL Home Care. This addition will provide needed care to our seniors but also enable us to expand employment opportunities to our staff.”
The decision to express commitment to the employees by providing this financial appreciation was made late in July of 2008 by JRCL President Stephen H. Neff and Board Chairman David Pliner. The action was prompted by listening to the employees of the organization and hearing how the sluggish economy has affected their families’ lives. “Listening and responding to the economic and social distress that many of our people are feeling, recognizing the contributions of our most valuable assets, rewarding our most visible and vocal advocates of the JRCL and supporting a spirit of confidence in the JRCL future when so many other organizations are cutting back,” said Neff.
Senior management of the JRCL is committed to investing in employees. During 2009 the JRCL will enhance employee communication though electronic message centers, an employee newsletter, coffee hours, town hall meetings and suggestion boxes. JRCL also offers wellness programs through Blue Cross for its employees and savings programs with local merchants. “Our number one priority is to continue to deliver quality care for elders on the North Shore. It is our sincere belief that a key ingredient to meet our mission is to attract and retain top employees,” said Neff.