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KCL Ed Stewart Vaccination ClinicKCL Poster Vaccination ClinicThe first Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic was held at KCL on January 4. It was an exciting and emotional day as it marks the beginning of the end to a long, difficult road. The availability of this vaccine is will enable us to protect our residents, our staff, our families, and our communities from the Covid-19 virus.  As Jill Tura, KCL Administrator in Training,” noted, “It has been a challenging 10 months for all of us and we’re finally starting to see that “light at the end of the tunnel! Our major focus this month is to get as many residents and staff vaccinated as possible.”


COVID-19 Vaccine Information

We are gearing up for the next round of vaccination clinics, which are scheduled to be held at KCL on January 25 and February 15. In order to receive the vaccine, copies of individual insurance cards and signed consent forms from all our residents.

Online: Upload the pictures of the front and back of the insurance card to our secure website in Dropbox using this link:
Mail or drop-off: Mail or drop-off at our reception desk copies of the front and back of the insurance card in a sealed envelope:
Fax: Fax the copies of the front and back of the insurance card to 617-887-0723.

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Remember, taking the vaccine will help keep our residents, staff, families and communities safe and healthy!