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Information and Recommendations

Harvard Medical School recommendations

Emotions and Mental Health

National Alliance for Mental Illness information and suggestions:

Emotions relating to caregiving and being separated from loved:

Tips for caregiving:

Poems for hard times:

Ceremonies and Rituals

Funeral Home policies during COVID-19:

Self-Care and Play

What to watch instead of the news:

Recommendations from the CDC on self-care:

15 Ideas for self-care:


San Diego therapist on staying calm during coronavirus pandemic:


YouTube meditations:


Pray as You Go: Pray anywhere with others (website and app):

Insight Timer: Meditate and listen to inspirational talks:

Click to Pray: Pray with the Pope and others from your phone:

Calm: Listen to stories that calm and soothe:

Prayers and Spiritual Practices

Prayers from T’ruah:

Prayer from the United Church of Canada: