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CHELSEA, MASS. (WHDH) – Hundreds of people pounded the pavement in Chelsea Sunday to raise money for people living with multiple sclerosis and ALS.

The two-mile walk was raising funds for the Leonard Florene Center For Living, a specialty residence housing 30 people with ALS and MS.

The center cares for more people living with ALS than any other in the world and uses top-of-the-line technology — like sensors that track head and eye movements — to let residents perform everyday tasks like opening windows and turning on the television.

Residents say the facility has made a huge difference in their quality of life.

“In the nursing home, they wouldn’t let me step off the curb. This plays allows me to step out of the airplane and skydive,” said Bonnie Berthiaume. “Big difference.”

And workers said they were blown away by the amount of support.

“We’re overwhelmed this year by the support,” said walk director Maura Graham. “I think we have probably over a thousand people here supporting these amazing residents.”

To date, the annual walk has raised close to $2 million.

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