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Aviv Centers for Living and Peabody Public Schools’ Special Education Department Post High School Access Program were awarded the Collaboration Award by North Shore Elder Services at the We Give Thanks Dinner on Wednesday November 12, 2014 held at the Danversport Yacht Club.
Ellen Gordon, Director of Resident and Community Relations for Aviv and Sharon McGrath from the Peabody School system accepted the award together.
The collaboration allows the students to learn new job skills and brings their enthusiasm and joy to our residents at Aviv Centers for Living. Sarah Minna, who also attended the award ceremony, excelled in her training and is now an employed member of the Aviv Dining staff in the assisted living in the Woodbridge Building. “This program is managed jointly and has been wonderful for all involved. “ said Gordon. “We look forward to working with future students.”
For more information please contact: Ellen Gordon at or at 978-471-5109.