The Leonard Florence Center for Living is equipped with revolutionary technology called PEAC (Promixis Environment Automation Controller). This system allows residents who are completely immobilized to move freely around the building and the grounds.

PEAC is the only commercial grade, multi-user comprehensive automation system that allows total environmental control of any electrical device for the disabled. Quite simply, it reflects life changing technology for people with limited mobility or physical disabilities. It gives individuals their independence back, where disease or trauma took it from them. The system uses a wireless signal to allow residents to open and close doors, call an elevator and operate the TV, window shades and lights. Residents are able to carry out these tasks with small movements of their eyes — or, for some individuals, using brain waves. What makes it even more accessible is that this automation system can be controlled with any wireless device that has a web browser including communication devices like Tobii and any brand of smart phone like the iPhone and Android. Additionally, PEAC adapts to the abilities of the people using it with a flexible interface that is tailored to each and every user.

The overriding goal of installing the PEAC system in the Center, from the ground up, was to make it a viable solution for individuals diagnosed with debilitating diseases. PEAC enables individuals to enjoy their independence while dramatically improving their quality of life. This is a life-altering breakthrough. It is this unique combination of cutting-edge technology, a caring and compassionate staff and five-star amenities that make the Leonard Florence Center for Living one of the most innovative skilled nursing facilities in the world.