The Dapper McDonald Residence marks the third neurological specialty residence within the award-winning Leonard Florence Center. Named after Richard “Dapper” McDonald, a native of Middleboro, MA, who was diagnosed with ALS in November 2008, this residence pays tribute to Dapper’s courage, spirit and zest for living. Dapper never slowed down or stopped going to work; he passed from ALS a short nine months later. Located on the third floor, the Dapper McDonald ALS residence is the Leonard Florence Center’s second residence for individuals living with ALS, and the third specialized residence within the Center.

This unique home is fully equipped with the same computer operated technology as the Saling ALS residence, allowing its residents the most amount of independence possible. The vision of The Dapper McDonald Charitable Foundation is to provide people with ALS (pALS) residences that are comfortable, bright, home-like spaces, where patients receive expert medical care in a community of warmth, support and camaraderie. These neurological GreenHouses truly extend residents’ lives, fostering independence through the use of cutting-edge technology and continued engagement in the community.

Ten private rooms, each with its own bath and shower, make up the home. Ceiling lifts in every room allow residents to transition from bed to bathroom with ease. A picturesque living space, beautifully landscaped yard with a babbling waterfall and koi pond, and in-home kitchen and dining, complete the residence. Residents and their guests have access to a cozy fireplace living room, open kitchen and dining area and outdoor patio.
Built-In Technology
Residents are able to open doors, control lights, turn up or down their bedroom shades, adjust room temperatures, control home theater, call for assistance, or call for the elevator – all with help of a computer and a sensor that tracks head and eye movements for instruction. Due to the unique architecture, small footprint of each Green House, and innovative technology, wheelchair-bound individuals have independent mobility with meaningful choices and dignity.
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