An Inspiring Goal: The ALS Residence Initiative

The founding principle upon which ALSRI was created is to inspire other non-profit nursing homes to accept the challenge of creating a home for the chronically physically disabled. It takes a committed, mission driven, non-profit nursing home and the willingness to do annual fundraising to supplement Medicaid funding. Especially attractive is an expanding nursing home organization with a Certificate of Need from their State to build a new stand-alone facility. Such an organization is encouraged to contact us to schedule a tour of the Steve Saling ALS Residence and ample time to meet with the founders to discuss both the challenges and the rewards of setting aside some rooms for people with ALS (pALS) and similar conditions. The project need not be limited to a brand new nursing home; any nursing home with buildable property adjacent to their existing facility or those planning major renovations are encouraged to commit 10 or 12 private rooms to people with physically debilitating conditions.

ALSRI believes the Green House® model provides the absolute highest standard of living and encourages others to consider it the gold standard. If it is determined to be cost prohibitive, it still makes a good goal for which to strive. Another key component is the PEAC automation system by Promixis. ALSRI is prepared to offer any organization valuable advice about how to make demonstrable independence a reality for even the most advanced pALS. PEAC not only provides real freedom for the residents, it greatly benefits the caregiving staff. PEAC will reduce the man hours necessary to provide quality care.

Nursing homes and individuals interested in helping our vision become a reality are encouraged to Contact ALSRI to schedule a visit to the Leonard Florence Center for Living. The ALS Residences proves that it is possible for pALS to retake control of their destiny.

Ventilator Care Available

The Leonard Florence Center for Living is one of the very few skilled nursing facilities in the country that provides ventilator care for long-term ALS residents. Ventilator care requires awake assistance 24 hours per day, which requires a specially trained team around the clock. Most ALS patients will be on the ventilator 24/7, though some patients can disconnect for short periods of time during the day. Care plans are very carefully created and customized to the individual. Comfort and socialization are top priorities for residents on ventilator care at the Leonard Florence Center.

Our ALS/MS Residences are located within the Leonard Florence Center for Living